Professional Profile :
Creative Head + Consultant + Producer, Label Head, Artwork / Video Director, General Manager (GM) - Online Operations (Digital Media & Events)

Music Albums (Production + Packaging + Release) :
“Awake & Arise” – Produced Tribute to the Spirit of Mumbai Album.
“Think Again” – Produced India’s & Asia’s First Ever Online Gospel Music Album.
“Enter-Exist-Exit” – Produced India’s First Rock Video Compilation Album.
"Native Noise" - Produced India's First Hindi Rock Online Compilation Album.
"Pretty Perfect" - First Indian English Video Music Album.

Music Videos Produced :
“Dementra” – Eat the Plague, Inside You & Imperative.
“Nemesis” – Lizard Man.
“Enter-Exist-Exit” – Produced India’s First Rock Video Compilation Album.
"Auxilia" - Only You Know.
"Denied Thrice " - Return to Reality.
"Pentagram" - Voice (Vh1-Nokia ShotbyU), No Turning Back.
"Pretty Perfect" - Produced all 8 videos.

Live Gig Projects :
“Bryan Adams“ – Live in Mumbai – Media Management.
“SWAT ” – Live N Loud - Artworks + Creatives.

Jingle Television Advertisements :
“Clinic All Clear “ – On Stage Music Composition.

Artists Portfolio :
(List of Artists across India that I have either Worked with, Produced Video's for or whose work has been Featured on some of my official Album/Compilation Production Releases till date)

Aftertaste - (Mumbai)
Alum - (Mumbai)
Auxilia - (Mumbai)
Benny Prasad - (Bangalore)
Blank Dice (Mumbai)
By Grace - (Mumbai)
Cherubim - (Mumbai)
Cassini's Division - (Kolkata)
Cyanide - (Delhi)
Dementra - (Mumbai)
Denied Thrice - (Mumbai)
Demonic Resurrection - (Mumbai)
Egoexit - (Mumbai)
Fear the Free - (Mumbai)
FinalFall - (Mumbai)
Indus Creed - (Mumbai)
Intense - (Pune)
Joshua Generation - (Mumbai)
Kilang Pongen - (Nagaland)
Myndsnare - (Bangalore)
Metakix - (Mumbai)
Nemesis - (Mumbai)
Nirvikalpa - (Delhi)
Naveen J. Anthraper - (Kerala)
Open Origin - (Mumbai)
Pinch the Pig - (Mumbai)
Pentagram - (Mumbai)
Pralay - (Mumbai)
Powerfaith - (Nagaland)
Shoestring - (Bangalore)
Still Waters - (Gangtok)
Ruhh - (Mumbai)
Seher - (Pune)
Wehem - (Bangalore)
Prakalp - (Mumbai)
Talaash - (Mumbai)
Umeed - (Mumbai)
The 8th Note - (Pune)
Sunil Noronha - (Bangalore)
Silent Lucidity - (Mumbai)
Tripwire - (Mumbai)
Them Clones - (Delhi)
The Salvation Crusade - (Pune)
The Limit Breaks - (Mumbai)
Uniqx - (Kolkata)
Wax - (Bangalore)
Whitenoiz - (Bangalore) & many more.

Awards + Achievements :
(2007) First Indian Artist to release a video album.
Pretty Perfect - tops the ExtraPlay World Charts.
(2006) First Indian to top the Audiostreet Jazz World Charts.
(2005) First Indian Producer to have videos aired on MSS Vision.
(2004) First Indian to top the Metalzone(US) World Charts.
Tops, Madd Radio, Audiostreet Charts.
First Indian Artist to be featured in Headbangerzine (Peru).
(2003) Tops the IUMA World Charts.
First Indian band to release a video in the US.
Youngest Metal artist to be interviewed on AIR F.M.
(2002) EMA Award Winner – Asian Metal Artist of the Year 2002.
Youngest Indian Artists to be aired on AIR F.M.
(2001) First Indian Rock Artist to top MP3.Com Charts in 2001.

Indian Press (some media, that I or my work, have been featured on) :
Times of India, Bombay Times, Mumbai Mirror, West Side Plus, DNA, Indian Express, JLT, JAM, Mid-Day, Rock Street Journal, Spotlight, Rave Magazine, The Examiner, Charisindia, Deccan Herald, Metro, Star Tv, Zee News, SS Music, CNN-IBN, MTV- Vh1, 9X, 9XM & NewsX.